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Women In games Visual Notes

Surviving a crazy game idea Speakers-  Catharina Bohler – Co-founder and CEO and Creative producer, Sarepta Studios. Elin Festøy- Creative Producer, Teknopolit AS Age of the Heroine Panel Discussion Speaker- Sharon Tolaini-Sag, Lecturer of Games design and Art, Norwich University Panel Members- Kate ParkinsonCo- Founder, Also Known As Lucy Kyriakidou- Freelance 2D Artist Jasmine …

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Research on Bees

I started research for my Idea involving assigning bees tasks within a hive. I researched bees and found out some interesting things. the first thing important to note is that there are only three classes of bees within a hive. Queens- There is only one in a hive and her job is to lay eggs …

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Ideas continued – Final 5 & 6

These ideas are the final selection from my ideas. The first came about through the idea that language helps to create a more sustained education and ability to retain information. The second is based on organisational skills and the idea that objects still exist out of sight. It also focuses on similarities and differences between …

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Idea Exploration 3 & 4

Idea 1- Communication through notes Letters received through the mailbox and the player needs to pick a response to the letter from four written responses. The replying letter will indicate how appropriate the response is. Picking notes on a board and then writing a note back to replace the one taken down. This idea could …

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Idea Exploration 1 & 2

I have begun to expand upon my ideas. I have chosen six of the ideas that grew from the word seeds and now I am thumb-nailing six game ideas based upon those seedling ideas. ( I don’t know why I chose six, it just seemed like a good number) I am not focusing on mechanics …

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