Idea Exploration 3 & 4

Idea 1- Communication through notes

  1. Letters received through the mailbox and the player needs to pick a response to the letter from four written responses. The replying letter will indicate how appropriate the response is.
  2. Picking notes on a board and then writing a note back to replace the one taken down. This idea could be used for working in teams or just as a compliment board where people take the advice they feel they need that day.
  3. The player works in a paper plane delivery service and must read the letters to guess where they need to go. They then send the letter to the destination.
  4. This is a similar version to mailbox idea but it uses a UI that resembles a computer and uses email instead.
  5. The player would play as a Morse code operative and have to translate from the roman alphabet to Morse code and visa versa.
  6. A simple anagram solver with a world building style reward.

I think these ideas work well for making people use abstract thought and linking words to objects, situations and people. My favourite out of these ideas so far either the Morse code game or the paper plane game.

  1. The player needs to pick the word of the ingredient they want to put in. This game would promote childhood reading.
  2. A similar concept to idea one but the player would be plating plants and need to type the names of plants in order to pick them.
  3. The player gets a restaurant order in a picture format and must type in the ingredients to plate it up.
  4. They player has to write how many of an item they need to make the balance equal.
  5. Build a burger using words. There will be images to press to see the spelling.
  6. Same concept as 5 but with a smoothie instead. I thought this would promote healthier eating a little better.

This idea snuffled out very quickly. I couldn’t find anything that seemed to be fun without being too educational. These ideas became more concept ideas then actual games and I am happy to leave them here and not move forward with them.

Overall I am really pleased with this process and I am looking forward to posting the third and final instalment of these sprout ideas.

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” 
― Marie Curie

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