Idea Exploration 1 & 2

I have begun to expand upon my ideas. I have chosen six of the ideas that grew from the word seeds and now I am thumb-nailing six game ideas based upon those seedling ideas. ( I don’t know why I chose six, it just seemed like a good number) I am not focusing on mechanics at the moment more of an overlay of play.

Interview people for the right jobs

  1. This idea involved a line of people outside an employment agency. Someone will enter and sit down and provide a brief synopsis of their skills. There will be a simplified view for younger children involving stars out of five. The player will then have to pick the most appropriate job out of four displayed on the front of the desk. Afterwards their manager will pop up and give them a score out of 5 depending on their choices.
  2. This is a similar thumbnail as idea 1 but instead uses bees and assigning them to their roles: Worker, Drone, Warrior, Builder and queen.
  3. Idea three is the same as 2 but with ants. Instead of text descriptions the ants will be carrying items and must b sent to the appropriate.
  4. This idea is meant for younger children and relies on appearance to send people to the right places.
  5. This is a similar idea to four except the player gives them directions based upon what the person is thinking.
  6. This idea involves the sending of cells to different organs in the human body. I would need to research exactly what part of the curriculum it supports as it may be too childish for the key stage children learn this.

Growing plants using maths

  1. The player will type a number into the box and then click a direction the plant will then grow in that direction that many squares. There will be obstacles that the plant must avoid. Eventually there would be moving obstacles such as planes and birds to grow past.
  2. The player would type a number into the box to determine the number of branches the tree would make. The idea would be to keep the tree balanced in different conditions. If the wind is strong the player would have to build heavier in that direction.
  3. The player will have to type in the number of vegetables needed to meet a percentage. The words quarter, half and three quarters will be used intermittently with 25%, 50%, 75%. This is to solidify the association of written English with numerical value. as the difficulty increases the variety of of vegetables increases. The player will be rewarded with gold that can be used to make the garden centre more beautiful.
  4. This idea is similar to idea one except the player writes the angle they wish the plant to grow and the plant grows in a predetermined length. I think this allows the player a little more control over the plant.
  5. The player controls a dandelion seed floating through the air. They should use the number keys to pick a direction. Eventually the numbers will change to maths puzzles and the player must type in an answer in the direction they would like to go.
  6. This involves guessing the height a tree will need to be without the tree colliding into an object. There will be some fractional questions to hint at the number such as 1/3 of 30 or 1/4 of 40. Eventually the questions will turn into decimal numbers and there may even be an angular denomination to the answer.

Two ideas down!

So two ideas of six idealised and thumb-nailed another four more to go. The next blog post should be on Wednesday as this gives me a day for each idea. I am really enjoying this process so far and I am loving some of the ideas already! Thank you so much for reading and I hoped you enjoyed some of these ideas.

“No Idea Is So Outlandish That It Should Not Be Considered With A Searching But At The Same Time A Steady Eye.”

-Winston Churchill

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