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Welcome to my arts, crafts and design blog! I am hoping that this place will become a home for crafters and artists alike. I’ll be uploading my latest projects and arty things. I have a particular interest in design and culture especially the way that they inform and interact with each other.

Women In games Visual Notes

Surviving a crazy game idea Speakers-  Catharina Bohler – Co-founder and CEO and Creative producer, Sarepta Studios. Elin Festøy- Creative Producer, Teknopolit AS Age of the Heroine Panel Discussion Speaker- Sharon Tolaini-Sag, Lecturer of Games design and Art, Norwich University Panel Members- Kate ParkinsonCo- Founder, Also Known As Lucy Kyriakidou- Freelance 2D Artist Jasmine …

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Research on Bees

I started research for my Idea involving assigning bees tasks within a hive. I researched bees and found out some interesting things. the first thing important to note is that there are only three classes of bees within a hive. Queens- There is only one in a hive and her job is to lay eggs …

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