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Photogrammetry is used to translate 3d objects in the real world into 3d objects digitally using multiple 2d images of the object.

The idea is that you take multiple images of an object and the software will find identifiers or things that the images have in common and piece them together. This results in a 3d scan of the object.

My Home Test

Using my iPad I took several pictures of an espresso cup. My first two tries went very wrong and I ended up need nearly 70 images before getting the hang of it. I also found out very early on that light plays an important role. If the object is too shiny the software will have a harder time rendering it.

Overall it was a very successful test. I had to change the sensitivity of the software and accidently rendered my living room as well. I will be able to fix this in the final project using a green screen.

I am also going to be using a DSLR camera and a proper ambient lighting kit to avoid reflection and shine. This should account for the missing pieces of that espresso cup in the final 3d model.