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Visual Research

I have been watching some stop motion animation Youtube videos and I am going to be breaking them down and taking what we may find useful.

The Maker

Zealous Creative
Zealous Creative

Colours- Muted and dreary with some burst of colour used to highlight eyes.

Style- Creepy dolls with human like teeth.

The lady who made the dolls is called Amanda Louise Spayd. The faces of the dolls are replaceable to allow the characters to express different emotions. The set was made out of wood and found materials.

Jim McKenzie


Jim McKenzie has a very unique stylized creepy style to his sculpture. His use of odd angles made me want to use them in the level design.

Tool music videos

Schism- Tool
Sober- Tool

The first video has been put there for mood but I was more interested in the stop motion of the second video. They have used 12fps speed to get a jittery look to the characters. This could be effective for some of the animations in the game.

Omeleto- The Box


Tim Burton

Vincent- 1982

When we were initially discussing styles we both agreed on a “Tim Burtonesque” atmosphere. I used the strange angles when designing some of the test models for out environment.


Coraline is where I found out how to knit small fabrics. Since I am making the finished clothes for the dolls and their wigs this video was absolutely essential to help me figure out scale.

I also made a generic mood board for visuals that I felt highlighted the creepy aesthetic.

Another thing I did for visual research was watch AHS Freakshow as this had a lot of creepy props that we can use in the level as assets.