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GDD (Games Design Document)1.0

I have been working my day job this week so haven’t had the time too work on the project as planned. This really motivated me to get the GDD done. For those who don’t know a GDD is a document that breaks down the game so that design can be done in an orderly way. …

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A relaxed day

Today I have spent the day doing some research into animation. I have realised that I will need: Left Right Idle Jump Interact npc Interact object I am going to spend tomorrow writing my GDD and my project scope. I know that I would like a platform 2d side scrolling game with educational puzzles. It …

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Character Design

Today I started working on the character who will appear across the first lot of apps to be released. I wanted something that children would enjoy and it must also be able to have facial expressions and body language. I have designed this character before for Uni at some point so I started this process …

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