A relaxed day

Today I have spent the day doing some research into animation. I have realised that I will need:





Interact npc

Interact object

I am going to spend tomorrow writing my GDD and my project scope. I know that I would like a platform 2d side scrolling game with educational puzzles. It will involve counting and motor skills. I need to start researching into games designed for children as it is important that I get the controller right.

I am going to make an illustrated GDD and then portion it into various blog posts. I hope that this is interesting to read but I fear it may become too technical and boring.

I am trying to build up this company slowly and so far I have been o happy with the way things are progressing. I am so grateful for the support I am receiving on facebook , twitter and instagram and I am overwhelmed by the backing. Thank you everyone. New post coming tomorrow.

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