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Inspired by my reading I have decided to start the research stage of this project and get it underway. My goal is to research and idea generate as much as i possibly can as I think I will need the information when it comes the time to start building the GDD. I want to start forming some ideas for either an app or game that needs to fit the brand and values of Build Play learn. To meet these I need to remember some core things:

  1. It must be child friendly. (ESRB E)
  2. It must be educational or at least support the national curriculum
  3. It MUST be fun.

Some initial seed words for researching:

I find it easier to mash up ideas like this as I find it abstracts them a little further than normal.
  • Numbers
  • Words
  • Communication
  • Playground
  • Creating

I then went forward and watched various Tedx talks (links below) and started coming up with random sentence ideas that I could possibly take forward. I not only concentrated on the words that they used in the talks but also the stage setting, body language and visual displays that were used. I wanted to pull ideas from the experience and not just the information, for instance the idea “build and manage a forest” came about from a picture a lady showed of a natural playground she had designed and built.

List Below

Ideas harvested from Seeds

  • Growing plants using maths
  • Shape arranging through clicking numbers
  • Organising items in a certain way
  • Gathering items for a purpose
  • Colour by numbers to achieve a larger goal
  • Using prime numbers to create random pictures
  • A world without numbers
  • Pick the right word for the situation
  • Build and customise a space with words
  • Change a shape by using words
  • Communication through notes
  • Stimulating an object through words
  • Language Nutrition
  • Interview people for the right jobs
  • Change the pitch of a voice to match the speaker
  • *Build and manage a forest*

I absolutely love these ideas so far and I am really enjoying this process. My next step is to abstract once more. I am going to do this by picking 6 of my favourite sentence ideas and researching a little into each, my goal is to make a word cloud for each idea. I am then going to start building a game idea and writing up a GDD step by step. Thank you so much for reading my blog today and I hope your’e having an amazing week!

” Everybody is an expert in something “

Celeste Headlee – Tedx March 2016

Videos that Ideas were gathered from.

Numbers Vids





Words Videos





Communication Videos


“Everybody is an expert in something- Celeste Headlee)



Playground Videos



Creativity Videos


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